Springstowne Library/Fire Station – City of Vallejo, CA



As part of the City of Vallejo’s effort to refurbish and repair the Springstowne Library/Fire Station roof, it was determined that the roof needed to be replaced and brought up to Title 24 specifications. The project also included cutting out the existing metal counter flashing, then removing and replacing the 10 skylights over the library/fire station.

Since the skylights covered both the fire station and the library, the quality of the light in the library was of great concern, especially in the computer lab and reading areas, where glare could be a major issue. As a Title 24 roof, low solar heat gain and high thermal performance were necessary requirements. Further complications involved increasing the size of the curb and raising it off the deck, where proper measurements are critical to ensure the skylights fit properly.


After reviewing a number of manufacturers, Jared Johnson of State Roofing Systems chose Wasco Skylights and their revolutionary EcoSky3 system, which is the only skylight that meets IECC requirements in all climate zones. “Wasco’s EcoSky3 was the city’s choice because of the non-glare, diffused light and strong thermal performance the units can provide.” Johnson said.

EcoSky3 is a glare-free unit that provides high-quality diffused light with low SHGC and a high VLT for maximum usable LUX delivery. By incorporating a 10 mm Lumira aerogel–filled multiwall polycarbonate panel with an acrylic Acrylite Satin Sky glazing dome, the skylights provide all the benefits of natural diffused light while providing superior thermal performance, excellent visible light transmission and low solar heat gain.

“This is one beautiful roof system” Johnson said. The quality of the diffused light exceeded everyone’s expectations and was perfect for controlling glare in the library’s reading areas and computer labs. Increasing the size of the curb and raising it off the deck presented an additional concern. “My experience in the past had me worried, as other manufacturers' measurements would be off and we wouldn’t find out until we started installing the skylights. Wasco’s EcoSky3 Skylights fit like a glove, and being made regionally in Reno, the fabrication and transport were incredibly quick.

“It can be like pulling teeth to get a quote from other manufacturers. But Wasco was great. Our Wasco sales representative was extremely helpful every step of the way, and they delivered the most value for performance versus all of the competition, which the client was pleased with.”