Metal Framed Skylights

Designed for easy installation and long-lasting good looks, VELUX Commercial's metal framed skylight structures are available with a broad range of quality glass glazing options and versatile design possibilities for a fully customized configuration.


The Pinnacle Series offers design flexibility and on-site assembly for an incredibly custom and fully self-supporting skylight system.

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The Classic Series is designed to be easily installed into site-built curbs and comes in three standard pitches, with a set rafter depth.

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Low Profile

For smaller framed glass units, our engineering allows for a shorter, thinner curb, meaning the skylight sits closer to your building’s roof surface. This more flush approach should be considered for both its stylistic and utility benefits.

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Translucent Daylight – Horizon S-Series

Reduce labor and material costs in new construction, retrofit or renovation projects with this dry glazed polycarbonate panel system.

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Advanced Glazing Technologies for Glass

Harness all the positive benefits of natural daylight without suffering any of the undesirable effects. Learn more about our glazing technologies and how they make skylights more durable and eco-conscious than ever before.

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Modular Skylights

Spend more time designing and less time specifying with our modular advantage, which boasts six different configurations for a wide variety of room and building types.

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