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Dynamic Dome

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Dynamic Dome

A revolution in commercial skylights.

Dynamic in form and function, the Dynamic Dome commercial skylight is architecturally striking and engineered to harvest more early morning and late afternoon daylight than its competitors, allowing a building's lights to remain off for nearly an extra hour per day.

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Industry-Leading Strength

Brawn meets brilliance with four standard glazing options, including options that protect the skylight against impact.

  • LuxGuard

    This UV Guard coextruded polycarbonate features a smooth, clear outer dome and prismatic white inner dome. Ten times stronger than impact-modified acrylic, even after 10 years outdoors, LuxGuard includes a 0.118-inch-thick outer dome built to withstand high impacts, reduce yellowing and increase weatherability.

  • LuxGuard Plus

    The ideal option for areas requiring certification, this UV Guard coextruded polycarbonate features a smooth, clear outer dome and prismatic white inner dome. Ten times stronger than impact-modified acrylic, even after 10 years outdoors, LuxGuard Plus offers the 0.15-inch-thick outer dome needed to pass stringent tests within high-velocity zones.

  • Impact-Modified Acrylic

    Composed of smooth, clear outer dome and prismatic white inner dome, this impact-modified acrylic option offers 10 times the outer strength and six times the inner strength of basic acrylic.

  • Basic Acrylic

    This smooth, clear acrylic outer dome is paired with a smooth, white inner dome to create a competitively priced option for situations not requiring certification.

Optimum strength, performance and aesthetics.

Featuring a smooth outer dome over a prismatic inner dome to deliver optimum light transmittance and light diffusion, the Dynamic Dome is engineered to harvest more daylight in an architecturally appealing design. Third-party testing shows that the Dynamic Dome lets in nearly an hour more daylight than its competitors. By maximizing low-angle sun performance, buildings can replace artificial light with natural light sooner and see significant long-term energy savings.

  1. Smooth Outer Dome

    When used in combination with our prismatic inner dome design, our innovative smooth outer dome provides 100 percent diffusion while also delivering up to 20 percent more light than our competitor’s designs.

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  2. Engineered Side Wall

    Dome walls are engineered to reflect less light and increase our ability to harvest low-angle sunlight.

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  3. Prismatic Inner Dome

    A prismatic inner dome achieves 100 percent diffusion/haze.

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  4. Structural Strength

    A repeating pattern of ridges and ribs creates structural strength.

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    Fail-Safe Water Management

    Unlike competitor commercial skylights prone to condensation, the VELUX Dynamic Dome utilizes a fail-safe water management system that evacuates condensation to the exterior of the skylight. A one-piece inner frame offers optimum durability, eliminating the need for corner welds that can leak. A 100 percent thermally broken frame creates an impenetrable water barrier that reduces condensation, protects interior surfaces from exterior temperatures, and secures it from air, water or bug impediments.

    Fail-Safe Water Management

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    Easy Installation

    Nesting an inner frame and frame ledge creates cost-effective, worry-free shipping and installation. Our dry installation eliminates the need for caulk or curb tape. Plus, the VELUX Dynamic Dome design features an easy-to-handle frame ledge that reduces shipping damages, simplifies positioning and protects fasteners.

    Easy Installation

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    The Best Warranty on the Market

    Because we believe both sunlight and service should last, the VELUX Dynamic Dome comes with an industry-leading, 15-year warranty. Applicable on most LuxGuard and LuxGuard Plus models, our warranty protects against breakage caused by hail up to 2 inches wide.

    The Best Warranty on the Market