Replacing Skylights is Easier — and Less Expensive — Than You Might Think

We offer a wide range of standard sizes that will easily replace any old skylight, whatever the brand. To eliminate reframing and minimize painting and trim work, we can custom build replacements.

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Top 4 Reasons for Replacing Skylights

  1. 01 Broken

    Whether it be broken panels or impaired functionality, you may choose to replace your old skylight to gain the enhanced convenience and beauty of our newest generation of products.

  2. 02 Degradation Affecting Performance

    Why suffer through poor light quality and thermal performance? By replacing an old skylight, you can enjoy the modern benefits of increased energy efficiency and better quality of light.

  3. 03 Leaking

    Water intrusion can cause significant damage in your home, be it slow or sudden. Replacing your leaking unit with one of our standard or custom-built skylights will allow you to permanently resolve this issue quickly and easily.

  4. 04 Wrong Application/Lighting Solution

    It’s important to know how to best utilize skylights in your commercial space. When defining the interior of a space, you may find you want to alter or enhance the effect a skylight has by updating it with a different style or new function.

Replacing Process

We can assist through all stages of the process, from consultation through delivery to the jobsite.

  • Site Visit

    We can coordinate a site visit to determine the best daylighting product and to examine the curb conditions and dimensions.
  • Quote

    Based on the site visit, we will generate a quote and supply submittal drawings for your approval.
  • Fabrication & Shipping

    Once the submittal drawings are approved, we will fabricate any custom products to be shipped to the jobsite or ship a standard product from our inventory.